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Sheriff | x4000
Chief Deputy | x4026
Sheriff's Secretary | x4000
Uniform Div/Ops | x4029
Criminal Inv Div | x4055
Civil Division | x4030
Personnel Division | x4032
Training Divison | x4036
Crime Scene Inv | x4010
Records Division | x4023
Juvenile Division | x4072
Narcotics Division | x4063
SRO Division | x4037
Jail | x1475

Staff Directory

The employees of of the Onslow County Sheriff's Office are dedicated to assuring quality service for the citizens of Onslow County. Employees may be reached at the Sheriff's Office main number (910) 455-3113 and the extensions below.

Chief Administrator
Sheriff Ed Brown | x4000

Chief Deputy
Colonel Boyd Brown | x4026

Sheriff's Secretary
Gloria Joles | x4000

Uniform Division/Operations
Major Bryan Bailey | x4029
Ensures the daily operations of the Onslow County Sheriff's Office and Jail run efficiently, coordinates special activities and projects, performs front-line security and patrol functions for an area of 767.13 square miles 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including calls for service, security and funeral escorts.

Criminal Investigations Division
Major Jon Lewis | x4055
Investigates all high-profile criminal cases, tracks all criminal activity in Onslow County and assists any agency requesting assistance, maintains all records of investigations, processes crime scenes and collects evidence, prepares cases for prosecution in the courts.

Civil Division
Lieutenant Scott Rowe | x4030
Provides security for the courts, reviews and records processes from the courts and magistrates, serves and returns criminal and civil processes, transports mental patients and inmates, presents inmates to the courts for trial.

Personnel Division
Major Lila Love | x4032
Oversees the applicant/hiring process for employees of the Sheriff's Office and Jail, performs all human resources (HR) functions.

Training Division
Major Shawn George | x4036
Coordinates and provides training that is mandated by the North Carolina Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission; oversees other special and technical training needed by officers of the Sheriff's Office to better serve the citizens of Onslow County.

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Section
Captain Patrick Garvey | x4010
Investigates the scene of reported criminal activity and processes crime related items to identify the method the crime was committed and those responsible for the crime, maintains security of evidence and the chain of custody for evidence, presents evidence and relates testimony to the court, photographs crime scenes, maintains all records relating to evidence, fingerprints criminals and applicants.

Records Division
Cheryl DeArment | x4023
Reviews and enters into computerized database over 30,000 incident reports annually, issues jury summons, performs applicant checks for other agencies, processes handgun permits and CCH handgun applications.

Juvenile Division
Lieutenant John Getty | x4072
Handles all crimes involving juveniles in Onslow County, investigates complaints and crimes committed against or by juveniles, charges juveniles or those who commit crimes against juveniles, acts as a liaison on matters relating to juveniles, internally and outside the Sheriff's Office.

Narcotics Division
Major TJ Cavanagh | x4063
Tasked with fighting the war on illegal drugs, the #1 crime problem facing counties, states, and the Nation. Illegal drugs are a major problem, because of their destructive effect on the individual as well as being a contributing factor in more than 60% of other crimes. The Narcotics Division works with local law enforcement agencies to reduce illegal drug crimes in Onslow County and is a member of the Regional and Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force (RAM-DTF).

School Resource Officer (SRO) Section
Captain Randy Jolman | x4037
SROs are sworn Deputy Sheriffs assigned to the middle and high schools of Onslow County to protect our students and provide a safe educational environment.

Major L. Zimmerman | x1475
The Onslow County Jail is a confinement facility used by law enforcement agencies in Onslow County, as well as the State of North Carolina and Federal Government. Jailers are responsible for the daily security of the jail, and the medical care, feeding, bedding, visitation, and court appearances for approximately 300 inmates.