Ed Brown
Sheriff of Onslow County

Sheriff Ed Brown

Sheriff Ed Brown is a native of Onslow County. He is the oldest of six children of a tenant farmer and knows what long hours and hard work can accomplish. "I was taught the values of honesty, fairness, and respect for others and their feelings."

Sheriff Brown began his law enforcement career in 1967 as a patrol officer with the Jacksonville Police Department before leaving in 1979 as a Deputy Chief. In 1985, Sheriff Billy G. Woodward hired Sheriff Brown as a Deputy Sheriff. Sheriff Brown was first elected to office in 1990. Sheriff Brown has nearly four decades of law enforcement experience. Sheriff Brown is a family man and believes strongly in the family unit. Sheriff Brown is dedicated to the Citizens of Onslow County, and believes in equal justice for all.

Sheriff Brown's Beliefs

  • I believe in a friendly and peaceful work place, a work place where individuals respect each other, a work place free of racism, sexual harassment, and violence. When the work place is free of these obstructions, the employees and taxpayers, get maximum performance and production. Your Onslow County Sheriff's Office and Jail is free of these obstructions. Keeping it this way is everyone's responsibility but the leader must set the example.
  • I believe in the teamwork concept. Your Sheriff's Office and Jail work closely with other government agencies to assure you get the most for your tax dollar. Not only are the employees of various organizations working together, they get together on their time off in recreational events.
  • I believe in being conservative with your tax dollar. I always look for ways to save or stretch the tax dollar. Over the last seven (7) years nearly l/2 million dollars have been generated from revenue on pay phone services in the jail and fees paid by the State for housing inmates in the jail. We work in cooperation with Social Security to stop checks to inmates that are housed in the County Jail. You, the tax payer, should not have to pay twice. Oh yes, there is a bonus for reporting these individuals. All these funds go directly into the county treasury.
  • I believe in bid buying. Bid buying should always be considered when the local merchants, who pay taxes in Onslow County, are competitive. It is our local merchants that we look to for supporting our community programs and projects.
  • I believe in the enforcement of all laws of the federal, state and local government. While some laws address more serious society problems than others, all have been established for the betterment of society. It would please me greatly to see Onslow County 100% crime free, but I am realistic. I know this cannot be. As long as there is crime, we at the Onslow County Sheriff's Office and Jail will strive to reduce and prevent it. When a citizen becomes a victim to a crime it is always a personal concern for us.
  • I believe in the citizens of Onslow County, our communities and the employees with whom I serve
  • I believe a good Sheriff/Servant must have a character of honesty, integrity, fairness, trustworthiness, and commitment. Personal ego has no place in the life of a Sheriff/Servant.